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Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence Studies

The Business Development Report is a tool created by the Octopus Force® Technological Development Center that will give you the keys to drive the transformation of your company.


Our team of surveillance and strategic intelligence experts analyze the competitive environmentto identify the opportunities and threats that positively and negatively affect or will affect organizations in the present and in the future.

Promote the growth of your business 

through this report that will allow you to:

Know your environment at a global and regional level.


Reduce production costs.


Increase sales and innovate your processes, products and/or services. 


What will you receive in our reports?

The Octopus Force® Technological Development Center will provide 3 tools that MiPymes should take into account to take advantage of the opportunities present in their business environment.



Competitor analysis

What do they do? How do they do that?

This will help you to know what your competition is, their products or services and how they do it.



business analysis

Where is the market going?

It will allow you to identify what your guild is doing and its possible future scenarios.


technological analysis

How can you innovate in your company?

Being informed about the technologies to boost your business will help you adapt to the new needs of your customers.


Competitor analysis

What do they do? How do they do that?

We analyze your main competitors, business strategies, substitute products in the market and potential markets for your product/service.


How can you innovate in your company?

We identify technologies focused on reducing costs and increasing income for your organization.


Where is the market going?

We identify the impact that changes in business and consumption patterns generate and will generate in your organization.

work process Business Report

Business presentation session

The scope of the report is explained and the nature of the organization/client is known.

investigation period

Research results discussion session

The team develops the Business Report.

The results are presented and discussed with the delegate(s) of the organization.

Final session – conclusions of the report

A presentation of the results of the Business Report is made to the board of directors.

8 weeks of work (maximum) 

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